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About me

3DA  is a high-end architectural visualization studio based in Brussels.

It was founded by Frederic Delannoy in 2015, who is an architect and an experienced 3D artist.

We specialize in computer generated imagery (CGI) : we turn CAD drawings into photorealistic 3D images using the very latest CGI techniques.  Our aim is to provide our clients with fantastic renders, in an attempt to bring the built environment to life.


Once an idea is finalized in the mind of the architect, it is our goal to communicate it in the best possible way towards a third party. A photo montage where the ‘yet to be build’ project is inserted in a photograph of the site, proves to be a powerful communication tool. This ensures  a project can easily be understood and that its visual impact in the proposed environment can objectively be experienced.  


Our work is used for the marketing, advertising and funding of buildings or to secure planning permission. This enables our clients to win competitions, or win the hearts and minds of their clients. Our services spread to all fields of real estate: residential, office buildings, hospitals, retail, schools,…


The company offers an architectural background combined with CGI skills, to ensure a wide variety of creative and computer graphic services. Working with architects, project developers, interior & exterior designers, landscape architects, building & marketing companies, we deliver affordable and high quality services, on time and within budget!


Our services include:

  • 3D renderings:  images of architectural scenes (interior & exterior)

  • CGI integration in photography

  • Photomontages

  • 3D panoramic view (360°)

  • 2D/3D floor plan

  • 3D landscape design

  • 3D product design (furniture, objects,…) in a studio setup


If you 're interested in a collaboration, send me a mail with some information regarding the project & I 'll get back to you asap.

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